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The Talking Book: a programmable audio computer that shares locally-relevant knowledge

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Literacy Bridge was founded in 2007 to improve livelihoods through comprehensive programs that provide access to locally relevant knowledge. Its ‘Talking Book’ is a simple and low-cost audio-based mobile device that allows people with minimal literacy skills in rural areas, without electricity or internet access, to get access and share knowledge on agriculture and health.

Credits: Literacy Bridge

The Talking Book can speak multiple languages and can play content on different topics based on the knowledge of local experts. It also allow recording onto it, so that users can create and document their own knowledge. Last but not least, it allow exchange of digital content when connected with another 'chatterbox'. The content is produced locally.

Users navigate simple audio menus then listen to the information they are interested in — from 35 to 140 hours. They can repeat audio as needed, play it back for family and friends, or simply lend the small, durable devices out.

According to an evaluation that Literacy Bridge conducted in Ghana, farmers with access to the Talking Book had an increase in crop production of 48%.

Source: Literacy Bridge