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Webinar: The use of drones in the humanitarian and development sectors

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Learn about how drones can be used in the humanitarian and development sectors by joining the webinar below. Drones have been used in agriculture and other fields, drones play an important role in mapping activities, damages assessment and facilitate the search and rescue operations.   

Date & Time

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

18:00 CET


1 hour 30 minutes


How to use drones in the humanitarian sector? Mapping aereas of natural disasters and assess the damage on facilities is an essential part of the emergency response and it can be done thanks to drones. These tools can also be used in the agricultural development sector for longer term projects.

This free webinar is open to professionals or volunteers in the humanitarian sector to learn more about drones and how they can can be used in emergency situations.


is required to join this event. If you have not registered, please do so now.

Also learn how drones have been used in the following five main sectors:

  • mapping services
  • delivering light items in remote areas
  • damages assessment practices
  • monitoring changes
  • increasing situational awareness

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