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Why should e-Agriculture celebrate International Youth Day?

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[A statement from e-Agriculture's Team Leader]

Young people play a critical role in agriculture. Not only are they the future of agriculture, but they bring new perspectives and ideas today. Young people are also more inclined to be comfortable with new information and communication technologies (ICT). For these reasons, as the leader of the e-Agriculture Team I think it is important that we recognize International Youth Day along with our colleagues at the ARDYIS network, GYIN, YPLD, ‘This is my story…’ and YPARD. Read the Youth Day communiqué from YPARD here.

We know that in agriculture, forestry and fisheries ICT has an important role in disseminating technologies, improving agricultural practices, linking people, and enhancing the livelihoods of agricultural communities. This is the reason the e-Agriculture Community exists! We also know that ICT has a special role in its ability to interest youth in agriculture*, so we cannot think of ICT and agriculture without thinking of youth.

As part of our desire to bring youth, agriculture and ICT together, the e-Agriculture Community works with young volunteers and interns. It is my personal belief and professional responsibility to mentor and support these people. These young people bring enthusiasm, fresh perspective and technical knowledge to the community, while learning about development and ICT, and expanding their professional networks. We have a great team at the moment. I encourage you to learn more about them on the Team page, and interact with them through Andrea and Carlo's new blog.

International Youth day 2012 is on August 12th. To learn more about activities that are part of this event, go here.



* See for example point 7 on page 4 of the FAO report:  http://www.fao.org/docrep/016/ap097e/ap097e00.pdf