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Win investment for your start-up at Pitch AgriHack West Africa 2017!

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Pitch AgriHack West Africa 2017 is a competition for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the e-agriculture sector. The objective is to help develop these business and at the same time contribute to accelerate the adoption of technology services in the agricultural sector.

This edition of the prize is open for start-ups from West African countries and owners must not be older than 35 years. Candidates must be owners of a mobile application or an ICT service in the agricultural sector.

Winning start-ups will receive from CTA up to Euros 15,000 to advance their services, apart from investment and capacity building opportunities that may be facilitated by stakeholders involved. The final and announcement of winners will be held during an international conference that will be held in Ivory Coast in September 2017!

Credits: CTA

Two categories are available:

  1. Early stage platform: For e-agriculture applications and platforms that have already been developed but still need software or business model improvements. Participants must be able to demonstrate the business potential and functional features of their applications or platforms.
  2. Advanced platform: For e-agriculture applications and platforms that are already in operation and generating revenues.

Apply here before July 9th 2017

Source: CTA