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WSIS 2017 prize winner: Latvias's Rural Support Service Electronic Application System

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Latvias's Rural Support Service Electronic Application System was named Action Line C7 E-agriculture winner at WSIS 2017. The prize winners of the 18 different categories are a result of an online consultation resulting of more than 1.1 million votes casted.

The Rural Support Service is responsible for the implementation of the European Union support policies in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development. It supervises the compliance of the projects with the laws and regulations in place.

The Electronic Application System (EAS) started as system for applying for payments to provide agricultural land in good condition. Having stated the success in that aerea, the system expanded in other fields, such as programs to provide healthy food to schools or diesel fuel for farmers. 

The Rural Support Service developed the Electronic Application System to ease communication between actors in the agricultural sector and accelerate the institutions' decision making process. The system aims to ease the applying process procedures and to improve access to information for rural people.

Click here for the Rural Support Service website