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Youth and Technology: The Missing Link in Agriculture

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Photo credits: Young Africa Works

This is the title of a blog post by Brian Bosire, founder of UjuziKilimo, an agricultural technology company that brings affordable precision farming to smallholder farmers in Kenya, faces the issue of technology adoption among smallholders in Kenya.

Although the vast majority of the population in the country is young (60% of the population is under 30), the average age among farmers is 60. The article points out that at such an old age, farmers are much less likely to adopt new technologies for their farming practices. At the same time, young people are less likely to be driven towards the agricultural sector if the practices remain anchored to the past.

The author concludes by advocating the creation of a whole span of agricultural opportunities linked to technology advancements, to innovate the farming sector and make it attractive once again.

Read the article here