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Update from the current e-Agriculture forum "Strengthening Agricultural Marketing with ICT"

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Don't miss this chance to interact with colleagues around the world about ICT, agricultural marketing, and the new "ICT in Agriculture" Sourcebook!

Based on your feedback we've expanded the forum to identify specific issues and challenges. Even if you have already logged in this week, check back again for the updated format:

 focused questions that can be answered succinctly

 opportunities to highlight your knowledge and experience

 exchanges with experts from the World Bank, the private sector and others

This week people are discussing market information systems. There are many interesting ideas about the characteristics of information users, information demands in rural areas, the use of mobile technology, and public-private partnerships.

Next week the discussion will be extended to look at the use of ICTs for agricultural inputs and logistics.

Visit the forum here: http://www.e-agriculture.org/forums/current-forum




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