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Subscribe to the newsletter or content updates

In order to subscribe to the newsletter or to activate content subscriptions, you can follow few simple steps described below.

Subscribing to the newsletter or content is an option available exclusively for registered members. It allows users to receive the newsletter or customized e-mail notifications when content is added or modified in e-Agriculture.org. Make sure you are logged in before you try the next steps.

You can subscribe to:

a)      A specific article
b)      Content type (e.g.: News, Events, etc.)
c)       Content with a specific tag (e.g.: Gender, Mobile telephony, etc.)
d)      Newsletter

How to Subscribe:

At the end of every article posted on e-Agriculture.org, you will find the option “Subscribe to” 
After clicking on the option you prefer, confirm by clicking “Create subscription”
From that moment on,  you will receive email notifications on the chosen content.

Subscribe to the newsletter

You can subscribe to the newsletter when you register to become a member ( the box to subscribe to the newsletter is automatically ticked – you need to untick it if you do not want to receive the newsletter).

You can also subscribe to the newsletter at a later time. Make sure you are logged in and go through the different steps.
1.    Click on Account
2.    At the bottom of the page you will see the SUBSCRIBED TO e-Agriculture if you are already subscribed to the newsletter, if not
3.    Click on Manage Subscriptions and tick the box beside e-Agriculture to subscribe to the newsletter. 

Manage and delete active subscriptions:

You can manage active subscriptions by clicking the menu “Account” → “Notifications” → “Subscriptions”
This menu allows you to have an overview of all your subscriptions.
You can delete a subscription just by clicking “delete” on the right of the subscription you want to delete.