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Alain Nkongnenwi

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Role in the organization: 
Software engineer, system analyst, developer
What are your domain(s) of expertise?: 
Web analyst, System analyst, Developer, Project manager, Risk analyst, Farming Web designer.
What is your relationship with e-agriculture?: 
Agriculture or farmer, developer, risk analysis, volunteer and consultant. This helps me to have an inside look on whatever e-agricultural application that will be developed in the farmers prospective as well as the developers perspective so as to help draw me more closer to whatever propositions i will be giving or suggestions i will have to make for proper and lasting equipments for the benefits of this farmers in their local communities. As a volunteer it place me on a platform where i can offer my voluntary services to make sure whatever has been analyst and pre-planned is actually put into practice for the most part of it. As a developer it gives me an urge to contribute my technological services to the betterment of the World.