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Role in the organization: 
Director General
What are your domain(s) of expertise?: 
Pro Institutional Reforms; Pro Policy Reforms; Pro Poor Systems Reform; Pro Poor Economic Growth; Monitoring & Evaluation; 3 Levels UN System: UNO, WBG, IMF Capacity Building -Individual, Institution, Society / Environment; 3 Levels UN Member States (North & South) Capacity Building - Individual, Institution, Society / Environment; Pro Poor High Level Political Engagement. Development Cooperation
What is your relationship with e-agriculture?: 
Achieving Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security, Nutrition Security Dimension of 2030 Transformation Agenda: AAAA, SDG, OP21, Agenda 21 by Target date in each of 306/193 UN Member States all for accelerating Agri Business and Agro Industry and accelerating Agriculture Cooperatives for entire Agriculture: Crops, Forestry, Livestock, Fisheries, Aquaculture - Pre Harvest, Harvest and Post Harvest Processes for specific location context - Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional and Global. e-Agriculture has much to contribute in the successful and sustainable design and delivery of appropriate Structural and Policy Changes in each specific location / institution / Government - North or South Context.